11151 rue Mirabeau, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. H2J 2S2 | Tel. + 1 (514) 353-1143 | Fax. + 1 (514) 353-4351
We are a Canadian pork packer established in Montreal since 1979. We manufacture industrial cuts of boneless Canadian pork including butcher hogs, sows and boars. In addition to the product line found in the Canada Pork International export catalogue, we manually process pork heads and all of the by-products derived from this de-boning activity. We have been supplying the domestic and international meat processing industry with superior and consistent quality raw material meat products for twenty-five years. Our long-standing experience in the pork industry has made Orviande a leader in special custom boning projects for domestic and international clients. Our clients are meat processors, traders, importers and distributors. We possess a HACCP and FSEP accreditation plus a knowledgeable, experienced and highly skilled staff ready to surpass your highest technical expectations.

In this website you will find technical details of the products we make and easy ways to contact our major departments. If I can be of assistance, please drop me a line. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Pat Manno
General Manager.
Service and quality since 1979